How To Answer Compentency Based Questions In An Interview

Competency based questions in job interviews, by themselves, are stressful enough and if you have been in the job market long enough I’m sure you have had your share of several types of interviews. There is, of course, the standard telephone interview. This is probably the most common type of interview out there today and you may already have experienced more than one of these.

There is also the group interview. This is where twenty or more applicants are crammed into a conference room. This type of interview technique seems to be mostly favored by companies looking to hire sales people. These types of interviews are used in many instances to frighten most of those applying for the position. If you are sick of the choices you are offered you can always use a job search engine . But there is a new type of interview technique that has come into some favor lately that you might find appealing, and that’s the competency-based interview.

What Is A Competency-Based Interview?

The competency based interview is exactly what its title says it is. It is an interview that tests your competency on the skills the company needs to fill in the position. Sometimes, though, the reasons why this is the most appropriate choice is not always obvious. However, here are two examples where a competency-based interview filled with competency-based questions would be most appropriate. The first example is if you were running a print shop and needed someone to operate a four color press. In this example, the competency test would be a rather obvious choice. The questions might run from how to set the colors up before a run to where and how do you place the image master on the particular press used. However, how would that kind of test work for a company wanting to hire an entry level or graduate position employee? It would work quite well as it turns out.

Why Are They Different?

interview-questionsThis is because competency based interview questions, which can many times sound general, will actually be able to identify if you are good at being part of a team, your communications skills both written and oral, your leadership ability, your problem solving ability, and even your organizational skills, just to name a few. Competency based interview questions can also be used to test a job candidate on how they would react in certain situations. This can also be very helpful for a company to help predict just how an individual would behave in a given scenario.

What Do They Consist Of

A competency based interview can also include oral or written questions, including questions concerning how you would act under certain situations. They can even include open-ended statements such as “Tell me a time when…” or “Can you think of an example of how…” or even “Describe a way in which you…” Fill in the blank spots at the end of these open-ended questions and try to answer them. They can also highlight your ability in problem-solving, organization, and goal orientation. When the interview goes into any of the previous areas what they are looking for are practical examples of your key competencies.

What Is The Best Way To Prepare For Them

Before you go on an interview here are some tips that will help you prepare for whatever you run into. Carefully review the job description of the position you are applying for. Use a job search engine if you need to. Once you have identified the job and its description try to select the skills that you have that are compatible with the skills they are looking for. For each skill have a prepared example of how you’ve displayed that particular attribute in your life. Have documented evidence of it if possible. Also, use a variety of examples of the skill including displays of it in high schools, college and even in the private sector. What is also extremely important is to never lie or embellish your achievements, always tell the truth. If you don’t tell the truth you will be found out.


Why are They Being Used So Often

Because they are so effective they are being used more and more to evaluate a job candidate’s skill set especially when it is hard to select an appropriate candidate based strictly on technical merit. Increasingly what is being seen in the business sector is the use of these types of interviews because it can give a company valuable insights in an individual’s preferred style of working and insights in their behavior in future situations. Questions may be asked that require the candidate to demonstrate that they have a particular skill or core talent that the firm is looking for they may also be asked to confirm this using experiences from their life experiences, their personality, and even individual competencies.

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