Earn your Masters in Italy at Bologna Business School

Why Choose the University of Bologna?

Choosing the right school to get your MBA makes all the difference in the world, and leading one of the world’s highest quality graduate schools is BBS, the Business School of University of Bologna. A masters in Italy from BBS is not just simply that, it’s a gateway to a path of success anywhere in the world. Employing the best of the best professors whose careers have been solid in the corporate world, and utilizing some of the most advanced resources to create an upper tier learning environment for graduate students, choosing BBS is a decision you won’t regret.

Study in Italy at Bologna Business School

BBS has a Long History of Delivering

The university has been operating for nearly 1,000 years and is the oldest university in the world that is still running. Many famous alumni include popes like Innocent IX, Alexander VI and Gregory XV, scientists and engineers like Guglielmo Marconi, and other famous politicians and entrepreneurs. While the technology used to deliver education has changed over the years, the mission of BBS remains the same in producing winners in the business world. There are many different programs and options for an MBA in Italy that you can choose from and know that BBS will help you accomplish your end goal with excellence.


Which Program is Right for you?

Within the Italian Master programs, each is dedicated to different executive and management sides of business. Whether it’s geared towards the accounting and financial decisions of an enterprise, marketing management, or specialties in business intelligence, the programs comprehensively cover each subject. There are three programs in addition to the open programs that comprise this.

  • Global MBA

The Global MBA program is primarily geared towards individuals who will be managing business issues dealing with foreign trade and global issues. Such issues include managing environmental and renewable energy resources in the global community, business relations with countries like China, Japan, and the far east, global innovation management, and corporate finance. Once graduates complete their Global MBA, they are prepared to succeed in foreign markets and expand their business abroad.

  • Full-time Masters

The Full-time Masters program brings the knowledge of business management into specialized concentrations. Entrepreneurs who want to stay on top of their game in financial management, become experts at delivering top quality products, start up new retail markets, utilize the latest digital marketing technologies, or become experts in human resource management can benefit greatly from this degree. Rigorous training and staying up to date with the latest market developments is a guarantee in this program.

  • Executive Masters

For those who want to take the controls and make the most important decisions a business will ever make, the Executive Masters program will get them started on that. All the way from taking the lead in marketing and sales corporations, strengthen enterprise cooperations, or even become the founder of a brand new enterprise, this masters degree encompasses leadership positions. There are also evening and weekend options for this program.

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