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An MBA in Italy from BBS

Striving for an education is a difficult task. To achieve an MBA in Italy is a challenge. While possibly daunting, there are many opportunities for an aspiring student to achieve fully college completion. For someone looking for a business school, Bologna Business School is here to aid anyone ready to finish their education.


The history

Those willing to look to get further in life can turn to the Bologna Business School. Located in Villa Guastavillani, a 16th-century residence at the foothills of Bologna, the BBS has long been a part of Italy’s countryside splendor. BBS holds the claim to being the oldest university in Western Europe.

To be an Italian master in business and trade BBS is a top choice. Accredited and ranked in Top Business School Internationally Strong by Eduniversal since 2009, the Bologna Business School can help anyone who desires a global MBA. These options include but are not limited to:

• Master in Administration Finance and Control
• Master in Business Administration – Food & Wine
• Master in Business Administration – Made in Italy
• Master in Business Administration – Latin America Markets
• Master in Business Administration – Asian Markets

BBS: masters in italy

The advantages

While Bologna Business School possesses programs and opportunities for potential candidates, many are still apprehensive about enrolling.

For this reason, the BBS utilizes Skype to set up meetings with people interested in the school. From that point, a person can have a video conference with a faculty member and be given a complete rundown on the courses and what the school can offer.

This intimate one on one session can truly give those who cannot make it to the campus the best insight possible. This conference can help make a life changing decision for the better.

The choice is yours

With all BBS has to offer it is up to the person to make the choice. This university has equipped with top teachers and utilities, but these are the tools one must decide to use. The Bologna Business School has plenty to offer, but can only be utilized until after a choice is made, master Italy and the country’s education from afar.

Hop on the computer, plug in the microphone and start up Skype and begin a future with the Bologna Business School.

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