Great Choices In Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are commonly used to keep onlookers, bystanders, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic out of private, sensitive, or dangerous places. They are ‘must have’ equipment in a wide range of situations. They are made of all types of durable material and are very effective for monitoring and keeping crowds under control. This is particularly true in places and events where space is limited and the need to keep crowds orderly is important. These barriers can help to fit large numbers of people in queues without the scene becoming chaotic. Whether you are having a party, a grand opening, concert, or a sporting event, they are indispensable.

The Types of barriers

There are many different types barriers that can be used for efficient crowd control depending on the type of occasion and space. They include:

  1. Rope And Post Stanchions
  2. Metal Barriers
  3. Plastic Barriers
  4. Expandable Barriers
  5. Sand Or Water Filled Barriers
  6. Low Profile Barriers
  7. Folding And Panel Barriers
  8. Barrel Drums Barriers
  9. A-frame Or Parade barricades
  10. Lighted Barriers
  11. Barricade Carts

control crowd barriers

These barriers are easy to set up or move. They are portable and convenient, and come in a wide variety of colors. Upscale venues can even use stainless-steel posts and velour, braided vinyl, leather, plush, or velvet ropes. The crowd control barriers can also provide an extra measure of security.

Advantages Of The Barriers

The flexibility, portability, and ease of use of the barriers make them great for use with wet floors, spilled paint, broken glass, and any other types of hazards. They can also be used to make efficient use of scarce space. Quality barriers are also durable, versatile, and very efficient. They can also be used repeatedly and in wide-open spaces. The barriers can be used indoor and outdoor and for short or extended periods of time.

The Orlando Barrier

The Orlando Barriers are among the best crowd control and panic barriers on the market today. These zinc-coated steel barriers can be used for delimiting paths and to safely guide people from one area to another. They are ideal for improving road safety, during parades, performances, concerts, sporting events, or any other time a delineation between public and private or safe and unsafe areas is needed. They are strong, lightweight, 110-130 centimetres tall, come in 30 part units, and are available with single or double reflector plates customized upon request.

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