Rectangular hollow section: Structural Element for your Design

Are you an Architect looking for a strong structural element for your unique and exclusive design? Do you need the right and accurate size or shape for your design? A structural hollow section can be formed into round, square or rectangular shapes to build a new distinctive building or bridge design. By using a square hollow section and a rectangular hollow section for your design you will find these two shapes fit perfectly together. Eventually, you will start to see the uniqueness of your design take new structural shape.

structural-rectangular-hollow-sectionsThey are manufactured with a wide range of sizes and gauges, which gives an Architect many advance benefits of their design. These structural elements are easy to weld your design into a unique buildings, bridges, or skyscrapers. Structural hollow section is diversity in strength, formability, toughness and corrosion resistance which will keep your structure good and strong for a very long time. Furthermore, it can be easily bent, formed, punched and drilled to fasten to itself or other materials, making it more manageable to use and the fabrication faster.

Also, by using different shapes of, square hollow section and rectangular hollow section your design surface will become an exciting and visual part of your design. Structural hollow section is mainly used in trusses, columns, and bracings. The rectangular hollow section, are commonly used in welded steel frames where members experience loading in multiple directions. The square hollow section has very efficient outlines of this multiple-axis loading to the same degree of equivalent geometry along two or more cross-sectional axes, and therefore, informing strength characteristics. This generates them as good choices of columns. They also have excellent resistance to torsion.

These elements also can be used as beams. Therefore, the structural elements have superior endurance to lateral torsional buckling. The flat square surfaces of rectangular elements can make it easier about construction, and they are occasionally chosen for architectural aesthetics in exposed structures. I am sure any architect or builder would want the best quality for their design to be built. I urge you to considering using these structural elements for your one of a kind exquisite design.

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