The use of stainless steel channels in structures

First, what is a stainless steel channel? A channel is created when stainless steel is shaped with top and bottom flanges at 90 degree angles to the web and inside corner. Shaping the steel in this way increases its strength, making it ideal for a great range of building needs.

There are many different kinds of this product and they are used for projects from the elaborate to the mundane. For example, stainless steel channels are used to line bridges, making them sturdy and safe for cars to drive across because of their ability to hold weight. For this same reason they are used in projects as simple as building a flight of household stairs. While a Type 440C stainless steel would be used for the bridge – because it is the strongest stainless steel available – something similar to a Type 304 stainless steel would be more appropriate for the staircase – because it is the most common and readily available.

stainless-steel-c-channelStainless steel profiles are used for a great number of things in architecture and construction, and a stainless steel channel is no exception. These channels would be particularly good for building the aforementioned household staircases in humid environments where corrosion is more likely to occur. The reason for this is that the channels are built with the intention of not only holding up against a great deal of weight, but additionally holding up against corrosive environmental factors.

Stainless steel channels are used in many other ways as well. In skyscrapers, they are used for structural support along the building’s frame. This is both because of the strength and non-corrosive properties of the steel and because of the aesthetic appeal. The aesthetic appeal of stainless steels – and stainless steel channels, specifically – are enhanced because of the many different finishes that stainless steel can have. Matte, brushed, reflective, mirror – all of these finishes and many more are possible with a stainless steel channel.

Overall, stainless steel channels are an invaluable asset to anyone in the world of construction. They are paramount to both the look and longevity of almost any project, whether as big as a skyscraper or as small as a stair.

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